Which Space Craft ?

How did we choose the right fit ?

First of all we went looking in our little savings piggy to see what she had to offer; not too much to comfortably buy, perhaps modify,fill the gas and live the first time.

Luckily we still had a car standing which we even didn’t use being in the city enjoying public transportation. So that’s how the steps in the whole plan took form;

  1. Sell the car and see how much we would get.
  2. Inform on what to look for in a bus (saying we are both absolute dummies when it comes to cars).
  3. Where to register and insure it for the lowest cost and best service –> wich is fully explained BureaucratyHERE (as Lily is from Luxemburg, Kevin from Belgium, Kaleyda from Thailand which is irrelevant in this case and all living in Germany).
  4. Search THE ONE and buy it.
  5. Give up the apartment.
  6. Los gehts


Now the funny thing is, from the moment we’ve let us fall in this unknown adventure the ball just started rolling;

The car was sold in less than a day for 6000€.

We went to a family friend who’s hobby is to buy old cars, reform them into something amazing and go discover the craziest places. We could not wish for better advice;

  • Get something without electrical stuff, it’s that what breaks down the fastest and from that moment the whole system shuts down and you can`t even drive anymore.
  • We definitely need a sleeping place and kitchen.
  • A toilet is more important than a shower but both were not a must.
  • Under 3,5 ton to stay with a normal driving liscence and further more; camping owners don`t like to see too much grass destroyed by heavy machinery.

So that said we should look for some older cars with very simple equipment but a robust motor. He suggested the Mercedes Westphalia James Cook series, because they were made already for traveling and their mechanic is super reliable.

Home, we were constantly on the well known second hand websites like http://www.autoscout24.de or http://www.mobile.de. Finding some, looking not too bad. But after visiting some, our hopes sunk, they were all looking like crap!

They were so uncozy, so untasty furnished and leaking from every side…

How could be trust driving around in such rust vessel and feel at home???

Was our budget just too low?? Was this dream of ours just too naive??


We just needed a little patience; putting our focus away from this specific model we fell in love with the Dudo’s, another even older series from Mercedes.

And suddenly, there she was standing, in the middle of an Austrian mountain landscape; white and blue striped paint against the lush green. Inside, wooden furnishing, a cozy convertible sitting/sleeping space, fully equipped kitchen and actually even a shower with toilet!!! Unbelievable!! It topped our imagination! This all for 5200€ which gave room for some extra wishes.

From there on it went again really fast; went looking, found out the owner was just as sweet as grandma’s chocolate pudding, fixed all the paperwork and drove her home. The last was an indescribable feeling!

So being secured to have a new place to stay we gave up the apartment (what would take three more months before to get really out) and started building on our NEW HOME.


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