We took the decision, sold the car, bought the bus and gave up the apartment.

After speaking so many times how great it would be traveling in your home on wheels;

after seeing all this cool camper vans on the streets, peeping inside and imagining we would live in there;

after looking time to time on second hands websites which used buses where offered for which prices;

we still kept dreaming and went on with our lives.

I mean we have a nice flat in a beautiful part of the city, great friends surrounding us, jobs that fulfill our needs and love for each other. Nothing really to complain about.

But still… after two years of settling, something started to itch. Something made us restless.

It was the feeling of a lifestyle full of habits

So on one great morning during breakfast we contemplated on what we were doing in life and what we want to accomplish more.

Very fast we started to realize that the life we were living was not exactly that what we imagine, and shortly said, we didn’t see the sense any more to go working, to earn money to pay the rent and other stuff, to then have to go work again.

On that specific moment the bus idea came flying into the room again and it just felt right!

In full ecstasy we started checking saving accounts, places to go, buses to buy, we would go right away; if that would have been possible.

But the decision was made! This would be the next great adventure!


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