Yup, she broke down

Life, our dear friends, mostly has different plans for you than yourself,which makes it all magical and adventurous,if you re willing to accept and be open for it.

So lets go to the beginning of this very emotional story.

Four days on the way,four days left everything behind to ride on the wave of our dream and it starts with the unexpected events.Our little home on wheels makes very weird sounds in the gearbox,oh no we just thought,this can not happen already now and we knew this wouldn’t be a situation solved in a day.

We had to call assistance that they would come to tow us away,the emotions and the doubts started already and they rose fast and intense.What is all happening in a mind in such a short time,how all your reality can shift just because something is suddenly not anymore how you imagined…

Well and indeed,we were right,it was not a situation which took a day but it would get a real mission!


But this is how synchronicity helped us;

After a visit on the the holy floating island of Mont Saint-Michel, we decided to spend the night on a camper place a bit further. By the time we arrived the sounds that were coming out of our little bus were just horrible, we knew this was bad!

The super friendly lady from the camping gave us the contact of a camper mechanic in the neighborhood, having no other choice we called straight away, verdict; indeed somebody needed to come get us. On that particular moment one guy doing some work on the property hears about our problem and our interest in ecological projects so he still tries to give us a name of a farm while the truck drives off already, we understand less than half…

The emphatic tow truck guy arranges a sleeping place for the weekend as all the garages were closed by then. We stayed actually right on the beach and tried to clear our heads of worries.

Monday our home and we were driven to UNIVERS, the garage we contacted in the first place, and there the friendliness just went on; the owners took time on their free day to investigate the problem and arrange a replacement camper, so sleeping place, for a week. But verdict of their diagnose; yup, gear box broken and we have to find an other one for a 43y old car…..

That same night, in a HUGE commercial center, we come across the same guy who tried to give us the information of the farm, Benoit AND his friend,Cathelene, who’s helping on the farm, just incredible!! We’ll meet on the farm the next day to introduce us to the place and its people.

After a cozy evening with their friends the search for the gear box takes new heights; Univers is contacting whole their network, Benoit and Cathelene are looking in all the corners they know, and we get an address in the farm from a Mercedes fanatic in the village (Silvain). Seems that our luck and chances are growing…… 🙂

But right, it is still like looking for a needle in a haystack and during the next day our hopes are plunging; official Mercedes dealers are completely hopeless, our 406D is not even existing anymore in their registers; UNIVERS is receiving one negative response after the other; Benoit and Cathelene’s searches are reaching a dead end and in front of us sits a furrowed brow fanatic trying to convince us it would be better to take things back to “base-camp”.


Time just starts to press a bit cause we’ll need a new sleeping place and we can’t just wait forever on an other box… Ok, the sleeping place we solve quite fast by WWOOFing in the the farm… So on our last evening in the rented camper we decide to take things back to where we started and go sleep on the parking where we were towed away.

Not being there for more than ten minutes, we get a phone call from Univers…


Everything falling in the right place on the right moment, the circle is round; the next day we returned the camper and moved in the cozy attic of “La ferme du Petit changeons”, meaning litterally farm of the little changes, could it be more suitable for this situation? Our initial fears of what would happen if the van brakes down; erased, we will be able to fix anything from now on!

So a week later, after some weird but interesting activities on the farm (where you can read about in here), our little praline was ready to get back on the road!

We would like to thank everybody involved with all our heart; Lady from the camper park to put us in the right direction; Benoit and Cathelene for their hospitality and letting the ends meet; UNIVERS for their endless motivation, honesty, and professionalism; the grandpa of the replacement camper for trusting us; Silvain and his best friend Eric for all the knowledge on old cars and stories of their adventures; everybody from the farm that welcomed us in their little world and of course the cosmos for putting all this encounters with these great people in place, or should we thank Saint-Michel for this?!


Some enriching lessons we definitely learned by this experience and the chance to discover an area of magical beauty.


To quote one Good Samaritan;

“Coincidence doesn’t exist, only meaningful encounters”





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