Space travelers

cropped-cropped-cropped-p1000645.jpgA big hello dear friend,

We are an international little family of three; Lily, Kevin and Kaleyda our 4 legged companion! Modern nomads, going where the wind blows in search of new experiences.

Our basic intention starting this space is to inspire and share information about the places we discover, people we meet and different perspectives on life we encounter. And of course how it is to travel in a 43 year old bus with a dog?!

The lifedream we share is to live with like minded souls in symbiosis with the environment. Where everybody can explore their talents and use them efficiently in the good cause of other beings and the planet!

For this we set out on our quest to learn as much as possible about;

  • Self sustainable living and building (Permaculture)
  • Natural healing techniques (ranging from medicinal plants to energy work)
  • (Children) education
  • Animal care and keeping
  • Art and therapy
  • (re)Birth and death

We wish to enrich each others life’s exponentially.